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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Whimsical Media is a company that creates media for kids that is both fun and educational. We strive to create content that is engaging for young ones while also reinforcing good morals. We believe that our content should be entertaining and educational at the same time.

We offer a variety of content, from books to videos. Our goal is to create content that not only entertains, but also teaches valuable lessons. With Whimsical Media, you can trust that your child is getting the best content possible.

Enjoying a Read

Our Story

We started very small in 2023 creating books for little ones. As a self publisher, the journey began with a lot of learning, and we learn more every day. We strive to make books that kids can read, learn from, laugh with, and enjoy with their family. 

Books that remind the modern-day parent that there is still a spark of magic left in the fantasy of children's stories that can empower good lessons like acceptance, self worth, courage, and learning to dance with our fears instead of being lead by them. 

Meet The Team

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